Feed My Sheep

There are many people to feed and to show the love of God to them. The biggest commandment given by Jesus was to love, sometimes we think about the scripture where Peter was asked if he loves Jesus and Jesus told him to feed and tend His sheep. This scripture sure talk about being a good teacher teaching the truths of our Lord Jesus, but it also talks about people’s needs being met physical with food for the body.

The result of Peter obeying the word of our Lord resulted in him doing both, teaching and feeding people with food, when we are filled with the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit the spirit of truth we cannot just turn away with kind words and prayers but we will be guided to help where and how we can on the physical areas.

When love overtakes us we will want to be like Jesus and it will require that we enter into deeper relationship with Him so we can receive power from above, we need to get beyond just living in Christ but also allowing Him to live in us. As believers we are the people chosen by God to make a difference and show His love, to heal, deliver and do miracles so people will turn and come to Him, no religion, no formula, no theology just pure unselfish love which was given to us by the Father.

God wants us to be a complete believer, imitating the Son in all things and not just some things; the argument is a lot of times that I have not been called to that area and that someone else needs to do it, the truth is all is called to love and show the Fathers love, all are called to become like Jesus. In wisdom the disciples did appoint faithful men to care for people because they could not do it alone anymore, meaning they did it until they physically could not make all the rounds anymore.

I will end with some scriptures that can be read on your own.

John 21:17

Matthew 25: 31-44

Acts 4:23-36

John 15:9-17