Love, Humility & Forgiveness

“Come be me light” such a simple but powerful way to say it. Reading the letters in the book is quite profound.

Love, humility and forgiveness; all these things lay at the center of following Christ and living a full life. Nothing complicated about, nothing difficult to it, if that is what we choose.

1st to love everyone no matter whom they are, to see Jesus in the people around us, from the poorest to the richest. Mother Teresa grasped this…thus why everyone will know and remember her forever.

2nd the humility to be able to love those that are different from us, to be seen with the poor, the drunk or homeless, and most of all the humility to forget what others do to us.

3rd forgiveness to set us free, and to have compassion with others and the humility to forgive others. Jesus himself looked from the cross and said “Father forgive them; they do not know what they are doing”