Walk in Love

It is time for us to turn our hearts back to the Father, and understand that the Kingdom is in us, that we have the authority to do all Jesus did, don’t be surprised when opposition comes, for it will when we do the will of our God. The Kingdom is not prosperity teaching or where you are to be called a prophet, bishop or by a title, the Kingdom does not demand respect for positions which God Himself did not made, these things are man-made, let us be clear that it is the world that search after these things.

Jesus did not consider it robbery to become a man to be like us, so we can become like HIM, Jesus was the perfect model for us, they were called Christians because they did what He did in all things, in healing, casting demons out, taking care of the poor and in suffering.

Have understanding of who Jesus was, study His life, His words and His deeds, have understanding and know the truth so you can be free from all the false gospels which is about your position, your ministry, your rights and the worldly riches it bring, be not deceived my brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus, the time is short, let us put the old man away and die to ourselves and do what the father tells us and do what He tells us for HIS GLORY, not to further your ministry or place in this world, but let us walk in Love according to His love.