Revival is coming

I am sending My spiritual flood, it will cleanse, it will restore, it will wash the old away, for I am about to move with a flood of My Spirit, with fire to draw all to Me.
I am not a man and so not judge like men, My righteousness is coming, know Me and My love and stand.


You will see the harvest like never before. 2017 will lead into next year where many things will change, you will countries rise in Africa and Asia to follow Me,
many workers for the harvest will from them.

Look at the USA and Canada, many things will happen, but it is for a harvest of souls that you will see, people will come to Me
Revival fires will burn in Chile and countries around them will follow. I am bringing a fire from North to South, east to west.
My wind will blow, be ready, know Me, Love Me, give yourself to Me.