Prophetic word 2016

Many things will take place this year, but I will tarry a bit longer as I want My people, My church to be warm, to be a bride that understand My kingdom and that will take it to the ends of the world. Yes many things in the climate will change and relations between Nations, sheep and goat nations will emerge and it will be clearer. My armies are ready to move, they are on the mountains of the earth waiting and ready. My wind of My Spirit will blow over the earth and bring fire with it for these who are ready to receive it.
This will be a year of breakthrough, revelation and refreshing.
This will be a year where you will see My Holy Spirit move with power. I am sending My fire around the world. I have assigned Angels to you, to assist you in what needs to be done in 2016, know that they are there and they will be ready to go.
I am sending My fire, receive it and be ready for it.
In this year you will see signs in the stars and on earth, know that I am all present and that I am close also for the bride. See I am close, My arrival to fetch you, My bride is at hand.
I am the Alpha and Omega, I Am and will always be, My Spirit is moving and it will now go across the earth and touch and fill people for I am ready to receive My bride and church. I am coming, but 1st you will do mighty works to turn the hearts of people. The time is near when My glory will be revealed.
You will see reports of shaking in the earth and winds that will blow, I will empower the faithful to be able to stand and to be My witness in this time, I will move quickly for the faithful so that what I want to accomplish will be done.
Now you will see My fire going in all directions across borders and nations, your time has come arise let your light shine.