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Prophetic word 2020

Do not let events in the world determine your direction, be led by My light. I will do many wonders and miracles in this year that will show My mercy and grace. I am shaking My church in this year to bring forth those I called, the ones who always stood in the shadows, I

Revival is coming

I am sending My spiritual flood, it will cleanse, it will restore, it will wash the old away, for I am about to move with a flood of My Spirit, with fire to draw all to Me. I am not a man and so not judge like men, My righteousness is coming, know Me and

Prophetic word : 2017

For see I will do amazing things in 2017, I am to move like never before, I will pour My Spirit out, I will move over the earth, My wind will blow and he who spend time with Me will know the direction of My wind from where it comes and go. Those who humble

Prophetic word 2016

Many things will take place this year, but I will tarry a bit longer as I want My people, My church to be warm, to be a bride that understand My kingdom and that will take it to the ends of the world. Yes many things in the climate will change and relations between Nations,

Walk in Love

It is time for us to turn our hearts back to the Father, and understand that the Kingdom is in us, that we have the authority to do all Jesus did, don’t be surprised when opposition comes, for it will when we do the will of our God. The Kingdom is not prosperity teaching or

Fire and oil

a word for Norway: I am sprinkling My oil on Norway and the oceans, so that the fire’s can set it alight, the fire will be carried by My currents to other countries and continents. Be ready to light the oil I send, be ready, receive oil in your lamp in relationship with Me to

Feed My Sheep

There are many people to feed and to show the love of God to them. The biggest commandment given by Jesus was to love, sometimes we think about the scripture where Peter was asked if he loves Jesus and Jesus told him to feed and tend His sheep. This scripture sure talk about being a

The Father’s love

The Father’s love I would need to start this with John 3:16 16 “For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. This verse from the Bible still says it so well about the Father’s love for us. He has done this to save us

Kingdom truth within South Africa

I need for My people to come to the truth of the Kingdom and fullness of love. Know that when you pray with love, I will safe your nation. I will shake South Africa, My spirit is searching and I will raise My warriors up in places not expected, in people least known , the

Holy Spirit fire in Norway

I want Norway to be an instrument unto Me, I want My fire in the country and I will pour out My spirit on Norway, know that I will also shake the church. God wants to use Norway to reach the lost of the world, in order for that we need the Holy Spirit to

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Harvest Faith Ministries

Hans Eksteen

Jesus said in John 4: 34

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work. (ESV)

We are all send by the Father and to do His work on earth and to accomplish it, the aim of HFM is to equip believers for this work. What we do to others we do to Jesus, we have been called to love all, not just our own church members. Our prayer is that through the articles, resources and the prophetic that we can guide in all truth that we all together can accomplish the will of the Father on earth

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