Just another day

Where do we go, and what do we do every day that could make a difference. Sometimes it feels like I get nothing accomplished, but then success cannot be measured in what one does in one single day. A Friend of mine once said something very important: You need to have dream, then you just do every day what you need to do, one day you will wake up with your dream accomplished and find a new dream.

What we do every day can impact others more than we ever know, small words spoken a small dead done to another, but years down the line that could have been what changed that individuals life for the better. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the fast living pace of the modern area, that we forget that patience can achieve great results.

Gary Player (South African Golf Legend) said it also so nicely, people who are successful are the ones that put that little bit more effort in, get up early and work hard, the talents we have we have to use wisely to encourage and help others.

I am trying to live everyday as good as I can, sometimes I have bad days and other times good days, the important part is to pick yourself up and go forward after the bad ones. Nothing wrong also in taking time out to evaluate the bad days, most of the time it is our attitude and strong will that makes a day bad, the ones we did not create we can do nothing about anyways. So I try to work on the ones I can change.

Mortality is part of life, we get born and all will die some at a good age and other too early. So this said I have been thinking on it, and I realize that I really need to live a full life everyday towards my dream, and live with forgiveness and love towards others, especially our families, they will always leave something of them in us and the other way round. In this I have hope, no matter how or when loved ones are taken away from us, if we gave our all in that regard, life can be full, and their love will always be alive in us and trough us. As a believer and disciple of Christ we know that we will see them again.

Just another day for us to wake up, appreciate the love that was lend for us, through them, and for us to give love to others that are with us. Let’s just live everyday as another day!